Automate Tasks, Optimize Results and Share Anywhere with EveryoneAutomate Tasks, Optimize Results and Share Anywhere with Everyone

For Prompt Engineers & Users

Creating perfect, powerful GPT prompts is a work of art. With Promptitude, you can finally develop, test, and manage all your prompts in one place. And with built-in end-user rating, improving your prompts is a breeze.

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For SaaS & App Developers

Gain new users for your SaaS app, and wow existing ones by adding powerful GPT features like text generation, information extraction, etc. Be ready for production in less than a day thanks to Promptitude.

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For Technical Writers

Effortlessly transform existing documentation into tailored technical content with Promptitude. Bid farewell to generic AI responses and embrace content that reflects your brand's unique voice and products.

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Empower your SaaS with GPT. Today.

Manage, test, and deploy all your prompts & providers in one place. All your devs need to do is copy&paste one API call. Make your app stand out from the crowd - with Promptitude.

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Prompt Management

Manage all your GPT prompts & providers in one place

Stop wasting precious development time: With Promptitude, anyone can create, test, and manage powerful GPT prompts using a beautiful interface.

You can even mix and match different AI providers and models, saving costs by picking the smallest sufficient model.

Meet your internal control center for everything GPT and get started quickly with 100,000 free OpenAI tokens.

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Content Storage

Unlock Personalized AI Responses with Ease

Say goodbye to generic AI outputs! With Promptitude's Content Storage, you'll enjoy highly tailored responses that accurately reflect your brand and business.

  • Upload your content – from marketing sites to meeting transcripts – and let Promptitude intelligently integrate it into your prompts.
  • Keep everything organized with folders and tags, giving you control over which content is included.
  • Transform the way you craft prompts by simply adding Content Storage input variables for personalized, relevant results.
Personalize your GPT prompts

Share & Embed Prompts

Transform your prompts into powerful magic tools

Extend the functionality of your prompts to any website or application, allowing everyone to see their potential.

Leverage its magic by turning it into a powerful interactive lead magnet, an internal tool for your company, or even a monetizable application.

  • Share your prompt with a single click, either by embedding it on a website or publishing it independently.
  • Add an extra security layer by password-protecting your prompts.
  • Limit the number of generations per visitor to manage usage efficiently.
Turn your prompts into magic tools


Start with 100,000 tokens from OpenAI. On us.

Security is our top priority: Verify your email after signing up. Then start testing Promptitude, even without an AI Provider. Experience the power of effortless prompt management and automation for your workflows.

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Get started with the ready-to-use GPT prompt library

Discover prompts for common use cases and start using them with just one click: Summarize text, generate headlines and product descriptions, extract information from web pages, and so much more.

Or contribute to Promptitudes growing library of prompts by creating your profile as a professional prompt engineer and publishing your prompts - exposure and new connections guaranteed.

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Logs & Feedback

Test & improve your GPT prompts with user feedback

Testing your prompts with just a few examples doesn't cut it - the variety of use cases is usually too broad.

Promptitude lets you gather feedback from your end-users, so you can filter the logs for good and bad generations and improve your prompts right-away (with automatic fine-tuning on the roadmap - just saying).

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Integrate the power of GPT with one simple API

Adding GPT to your production SaaS requires much more than just coming up with a prompt: From parsing results to correct error handling, logging, gathering user feedback, improving prompts, etc.

Promptitude does all the heavy-lifting for you, so all that's left is copy-and-paste one simple API call.

Integrate prompts into your SaaS

Add GPT to your SaaS. Today.

Manage, test, and deploy all your prompts & providers in one place. All your devs need to do is copy&paste one API call. Make your app stand out from the crowd - with Promptitude.