Step 1: AI Connection

Paste your Provider API Key and create an AI connection to use Promptitude for requests.

Get the API Key from your OpenAI account, then come back and create your first AI Connection, so Promptitude can execute requests.

Get your provider's API key

Add an AI Connection in Promptitude

Paste API Key & saves

Connect with all the providers

Step 2: First Prompt

Take your first step with Promptitude and unlock the potential by customizing your inputs and personalizing the outcome.

Get your feet wet with your first prompt, and play around with Promptitude’s addition of input parameters and result types.

Choose the provider, model and modify its values

Add input variables with example values & Specify in desired output

Write your prompt with variables in brackets {{example}}

Generate, iterate & done

Step 3: API Keys

Get you an Promptitude API key from the get-go. You also have the ability to generate more keys when needed, allowing for hassle-free integration into all your apps.

Step 4: Review Logs

Logs can be used to measure the success of certain prompts and how they can be improved.

Empower your SaaS with GPT. Today.

Manage, test, and deploy all your prompts & providers in one place. All your devs need to do is copy&paste one API call. Make your app stand out from the crowd - with Promptitude.